Distance course in Geostatistics and Open-Source Statistical Computing , ITC Enschede


Distance education course using R and gstat for applied geostatistics

For the 6th year in a row, ITC Enschede (now part of the great Univ. of Twente) is offering a half-time six-week course developed and taught by me, with expert backstopping from Prof. Alfred Stein. Check the link for details. The course is built around extensive self-study exercises using R and mostly the gstat package (Pebesma); the last third is an individual project where you can use your own data under our guidance. A "hidden" benefit: full access for the course period to an excellent digital library (including Web of Science, Elsevier, Springer... journals and e-books).

In the true R spirit, all the materials are available free (at the link below); but of course to receive credit, get individual feedback, do the project you have to be registered. Deadline is 02-Dec for registration, 23-Jan-2012 (course starts) for payment.