The Network

Section aimed at the VMERGE & EDENext community and specifically supporting the PostDocs an PhD students getting involved in the project.  This section will include content to help all partners to keep in touch with each other and informed of what is happening elsewhere within the EDENext project.  The links below will help you locate resources on the site to help you with your research.

About the EDENext Project

If you have recently joined the project, or would just like to learn a little bit more about the project and other partners, have a look at the links below.



For a project such as this with so many partners stretching across a continent comunication is key! The following section outlines what the Data Management Team is doing to help keep partners informed and up to date with developments both within the project and around the subject area.  The Background resources section also has some useful links that will help keep you informed.



Over the course of the EDENext project a number of resources will be developed and collated by project partners.  The Data Management Team would like to post these resources here so they can be re-used by others in the project.  With so many Partners and new researchers involved we would like to minimise duplication of work.  So please submit any useful resources that you think may be of use to others in the project to us and we will post them here.


Background Reading

Learn more about the world class researchers involved in the EDENext project.  Have a look at their Bibliographies and get to know your EDENext partners.  Maximum benefit from a project such as EDENext can only be achieved if you can take advantage of this greater sphere of expertise that you have access to as a project partner.  We havealso made available aggregated feeds from our favourite journals to help you keep up to date with the latest articles published in the subject area.


Training Courses

The EDENext project will be providing a number of training oportunities and workshops.  We will be posting information about these courses here.