New datasets made available to the project partners

Please note the following datasets have recently been made available to the project partners by the project Data Management Team (DMT).  Log on or register to access the data here from the Data directory.

  • 1km Land Water Mask derived from MODIS
  • ESA GLOBCOVER Version 2.3 2009 300m resolution Land cover map VMERGE extent
  • SRTM 100m Digital Elevation VMERGE extent

The DMT have also sourced the following data which we arenot able to provide directly through this site for either licencing reasons or shear size and format of the original datasets.

  • PROBA-V Level3 Top Of Canopy NDVI Ten-Daily Synthesis at 333M resolution - VMERGE Extent
  • Cmorph Daily Rainfall data West Africa 2010 - Dec 2013

We can however assist partners if they require this data.  Simply drop us an email at to let us know what dataset you require, the area of interest and which format is favourable.