New MODIS TFA Products Available

The latest MODIS Temporal Fourier Analysis data is now available to VMERGE partners.  The latest dataset utilised version 5 MODIS data from 2001 to 2015.

As well as our usual long-period TFA product now to 2015.  We have also added two time slices for the periods 2001-02 and 2014-15.  It is hoped that these new products will allow project partners to compare changes over time to vector or host distributions or other alernative applications.

The data can be downloaded by VMERGE members that have a valid website log in and have been identified as verified VMERGE partners.  If you cannot download the data but think you should have permission, please contact

You can download the data from the following directory at the VMERGE data portal:

VMERGE Data > VM Orthoimagery